ACF National Integrity Framework acceptance

ACF National Integrity Framework acceptance

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ACF National Integrity Framework

As reported at the 2022 Annual General Meeting, Curling WA Inc. has formally adopted the National Integrity Framework Policy of the Australian Curling Federation.

This is a set of policies designed to promote integrity in Australian sports, including:

As a member of Curling WA, you are bound by these policies and are required to acknowledge your commitment to upholding the integrity of curling. These policies will supersede any existing Curling WA Policy with the same scope.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these policies and then click on the checkboxes above and proceed to purchase this product to indicate your acceptance of the following:

  1. I will be bound by and must comply with all Australian Curling Federation (ACF) and Curling WA policies, including but not limited to, the National Integrity Framework, Anti-Doping Policy and Social Media Policy which can be found on the ACF website and Curling WA’s Code of Conduct;
  2. As I am bound by these policies, it is my responsibility to be familiar with them; and
  3. A breach of these policies could result in further action being taken, as outlined in the complaints or discipline procedures for the respective policy.

This needs to be completed no later than 31 August 2023.

Thank-you for your cooperation and if you have any questions about the National Integrity Framework please contact us via

Curling WA