Curling WA - Hogline!


From the "Land Down Under" comes a podcast about the oldest sport in the World - Curling! Launching 20 kilo rocks down frozen sheets of ice may not be your first image when it comes to Australia - you were probably thinking of blistering hot summers, swimming at Bondi Beach, and chucking another shrimp on the barbie. Well, some of those are almost correct, but don't let that fool you, the "Roaring Game" as it's called is here and growing rapidly. This magazine style podcast will feature curling news from both home and abroad, and each episode will focus on a specific area of the sport we love! So sit back, get comfy, and please, we're begging you, don't go throwing any shrimps near any barbeques - just enjoy a uniquely Australian perspective on curling. Welcome to Hogline!